Information about the conference



57 November, 2015 



  • to consolidate the keynote humanitarian research and information technology resources on autism spectrum disorders and to promote an integrated approach and understanding of research on ASD;
  • to define the strategy of social adaptation and integration of children and adults with ASD.



  • Contemporary approaches to the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Medical research of autism
  • Education of children and adults with ASD
  • Communication of children and adults with autism
  • Social interaction of children and adults with autism
  • Creativity and abilities of children and adults with autism

Key note plenary lectures, workshops, master-classes, open lectures, discussions, meeting students, specialists and families of children with autism, art-exhibition (autistic children’s work and paintings by a savant with Asperger syndrome), theatrical activities for children with autism


It will be of great interest for:

parents and families of individuals with ASD;  clinicians including psychologists, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists and GPs; education professionals from mainstream schools, special schools and local authorities; faculty and students of the Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical University;  voluntary groups.


  1. Early assistance and complex support of children with ASD and their families.
  2. Medical support with ASD.
  3. Education of children with ASD in modern conditions: the GEF as a mechanism to ensure the individualization of education of students with ASD; pre-school education of children with ASD.
  4. Social support and rehabilitation of persons with ASD and their families.
  5. The activities of non-profit organizations to provide complex support individuals with ASD.
  6.  Problems of adulthood individuals with ASD: professional self-determination and preparation of persons with ASD, employment, independent / chaperone accommodation.
  7. Professional community as a resource for ensuring scientific and practical support of people with ASD.